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16 Best Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women

Discreet yet cool behind the ear tattoos have become exceptionally famous in ongoing years.This is on the grounds that sensitive and female models look particularly lovely with this position.At the same time, it is the amazing spot for a tattoo that addresses the most significant things in your day to day existence.

1.Flower Tattoo Flower

Floral tattoos are a top pick for a reason.Each flower has an alternate meaning, from kinship to adore, trust, satisfaction and boldness, so there is an incredible botanical tattoo choice for everyone.In option, the blossoms are accessible in a wide assortment of shadings, which implies you can redo the inking with your cherished shades and shades.As the blossoms look delightful as a small tattoo, they are a fantastic choice for situation behind the ear.A especially striking choice is a botanical plant that follows the state of your ear.Other famous decisions incorporate roses and bouquets.

Tatuaggio FioreTatuaggio Fiore

2.Butterfly Tattoo Butterfly

Butterfly tattoos have become progressively well known lately, especially for women.Not just are they wonderful, however they additionally have a significant meaning.Butterflies are related with change, development and change, just as freedom.As a tattoo, butterflies are extremely flexible and fit various arrangements, including behind the ear.For women who love pretty and ladylike inks, a small butterfly or multi-butterfly design, or even the on-pattern butterfly with flower wings, is the amazing option.

Tatuaggio FarfallaTatuaggio Farfalla

3.Star tattoo

The stars address trust and direction as they make light during the murkiness of the night.For this explanation, a star tattoo could be the optimal choice assuming you have experienced life’s dull times.They are likewise a wonderful recognition tattoo to a friend or family member who is your “directing star”.There are a wide range of choices for star tattoo designs, all of which look extraordinary when set behind the ear.From basic speck and-line stars to heavenly bodies – which might address your zodiac sign – and conventional five-pointed stars, the decision is yours.

Tatuaggio StellaTatuaggio Stella

4.Scissor tattoo

If you are looking for a surprising yet significant tattoo, consider a scissor design.Scissors address disposing of adverse impacts from your life and working on yourself by “honing ” your impulses, turning out to be more autonomous and assuming responsibility for your decisions.They are an extraordinary method for conveying that you have begun once again and shut a dim chapter.Scissor tattoos look more modest which implies they are an incredible ink decision to put behind the ear.Every time you style your hair, you will see it and recall how far you have come.

Tatuaggio a forbice

5.Word tattoo

A word tattoo can look lovely behind the ear.Since the situation is more modest, pick a short single word tattoo for most extreme impact.The name of a friend or family member, or a significant word to you, like expectation or confidence, would be ideal.When it comes to the geography style of your tattoo, pick a textual style you love and add fragile and exceptional elements.Your craftsman could highlight the word with scaled down stars, blossoms, or a heart.Alternatively, a written by hand design gives your tattoo a really close to home look.

Tatuaggio di paroleTatuaggio di parole

6.Dove Tattoo

A lovely and fragile decision for a behind the ear tattoo is a dove.These birds address harmony, love and pardoning, just as hope.For Christians, pigeons address confidence in God and a new beginning.This is because of their importance in the scriptural story of Noah.Since there isn’t a lot of room behind the ear, it is best to pick an unmistakable and direct bird design so it stands apart when you choose to uncover it.You could likewise add a peace offering or a cross to underline its profound significance.

Tatuaggio Colomba(*20*)

7.Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are a developing tattoo pattern since they are quickly conspicuous and address insight, flourishing and luck.These delicate goliaths are known for their knowledge and long memory and are related with persistence and loyalty.Elephant tattoos are turning out to be particularly well known among women on the grounds that they are matriarchal – groups are comprised of moms and their children.Although they look incredible in any size, small elephant tattoos are amazing to put behind the ear and could be a delightful coordinating with mother and girl tattoo, addressing your bond.

Tatuaggio Elefante

8.Small tattoo

Small tattoos are on pattern the present moment and are wonderful to be set behind the ear!As there isn’t a lot of room for the craftsman to make a bigger design, it is fundamental to pick a sensitive ink with a fine and sensitive appearance.Alternatively, even a basic mathematical shape, initials, or a critical image like a melodic note or cross may look great.While behind the ear can be an agonizing spot to tattoo, a small attracting will not take long to finish.

Piccolo TatuaggioPiccolo Tatuaggio

9.Anchor tattoo

Anchors have been one of the most famous decisions since the beginning of mariner tattoos.The last image of trust, an anchor, addresses a place of refuge and the end of a long journey.For this explanation, many individuals pick the design as a couple tattoo.Anchors are likewise generally inked when somebody crosses a sea, so this could be an incredible decision in case you’ve voyaged a lot.As it is a basic and clear design, an anchor looks brilliant as a small design and is appropriate for putting behind the ear.

Tatuaggio con ancora

Tatuaggio con ancora

10.Angel Tattoo

Angel tattoos are a famous and adaptable inking choice.Christians regularly feel drawn to holy messengers to symbolize their confidence and scriptural figures, for example, the Archangel Michael;others pick heavenly messengers to address their “heavenly messenger” or as a dedication to an adored one.Angels can likewise symbolize your “best nature” and remind you to overlook temptation.Realistic heavenly messenger tattoos have a ton of development and detail, so they are normally not appropriate for a more modest situation, as behind the ear.However, you can adjust the design by improving on it into a radiance and wings that embrace the bend of your ear.

Tatuaggio Angelo

11.Feather Tattoo

Feathers are a well known tattoo decision for both men and women.They great examine dark or shading ink, enormous or small, straightforward or detailed.Since feathers are related with birds and flight, they frequently address freedom.People who love to travel and have a nonconformist frequently feel attracted to feather tattoo designs.Feathers can likewise symbolize feeling associated with the regular world.Since feathers look extraordinary as a basic little tattoo, they look incredible when set behind the ear.For best results, pick a quill design that is somewhat bended to fit the state of your ear.

Tatuaggio Piuma

12.Heart Tattoo

The heart is one of the generally conspicuous and widespread images, which is the reason it is so famous as a tattoo choice.When put behind the ear, it goes about as a suggestion to consistently pay attention to your heart.It can likewise fill in as an accolade for a friend or family member, representing that they are as yet in your thoughts.For women, sensitive heart tattoos are on pattern, despite the fact that there are a lot of alternate ways of adjusting the design to make it more close to home and one of a kind to you.

Tatuaggio CuoreTatuaggio Cuore

13.Tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos utilize dark ink and examples to make an intense end result.They are a flexible decision as they can be customized to fit any situation on your body, even behind the ear.There are various options;for model, a customary Polynesian or Maori tattoo is an incredible method for giving proper respect to your heritage.Alternatively, a 90s style ancestral tattoo has a restless and remarkable look for a dazzling tattoo that will knock some people’s socks off, stretch out your ancestral ink to your neck or shoulder.

Tatuaggio Tribale

14.Tree Tattoo

Inking a tree is a phenomenal decision for position behind the ear as it symbolizes information and development, long life and protection.You may likewise feel attracted to these tattoos in case you are a nature sweetheart or need a more theoretical accolade for your “genealogy “.To keep it basic yet effective, select for a dark ink tree silhouette.

tatuaggio albero

15.Moon tattoo

A delightful and significant tattoo choice is a moon.As the moon is continually fluctuating, it symbolizes seasons of change and change.At the same time, many societies partner the moon with female energy, which is the reason moon tattoos are extremely well known among women.A small moon tattoo looks superb behind the ear as it will be more visible.When picking your moon tattoo, consider the meaning of the design;a full moon is regularly connected with wizardry and change, a half moon addresses wonderful equilibrium, while a bow moon addresses the rhythmic movement of energy.Those brought into the world under the celestial indication of Cancer could likewise pick a moon tattoo.

Tatuaggio LunaTatuaggio Luna

16.Covering the Tattoo

As we develop and change over the long haul, it very well might be important to cover our old tattoos with new ink, particularly in touchy spots where laser expulsion could be painful.Keep as a main priority that smoke screens are frequently bigger and hazier due to legitimate need so they can totally dark the old design.Simple tattoos are simpler to cover than more itemized ink;however, a talented craftsman ought to have the option to adjust practically any behind- the- ear tattoo into a new design.Coprire il tatuaggio

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