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15 seagull tattoos and their meanings

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The nickname “seagull” is omnipresent. There are actually several different types of seagulls, but most of us know them by the name “seagull”. In truth, it is a bad name because the seagull is not the only one that lives by the sea. They are mostly inland and can thrive in freshwater and saltwater areas. This is a great start to the symbolic meaning of seagulls. He talks about possibility, resources and adaptability. Seagulls go where you can find the best food. They are notorious for cleaning up landfills, picking over refuses, in parking lots and other garbage sites. Many of us deny ourselves opportunities because we feel safe in our comfort zone. Not so for the opportunistic seagull. These birds can be a sign to fly out of our realm of comfort, perhaps to take a risk, with the aim of finding better conditions for our well-being.

Zwei Möwen auf dem Arm der Männer

Symbolic meanings for seagull tattoos

    • Freedom
    • Adaptation
    • Communication
    • Opportunistic
    • ingenuity

Kleine Möwen um den Hals für Frauen

The word “seagull” is derived from “gullibility”. It’s called so, presumably because the seagull devours anything it can stopper down its esophagus. Symbolically, the question arises, “Do we swallow everything we hear or see?” Essentially, this aspect of symbolism is encouraged with our minds to determine which is truth. This seagull behavior reminds us to recognize rather than blindly follow without further investigation.

Kleine Möwen mit Namen am Rücken

Seagulls are very talkative. You have no problem screeching so your voice can be heard. As far as the symbolic meaning of the seagulls is concerned, this is a pretty large sign.

Möwe fliegend auf der Bein

Many cultures associate the seagull with freedom. The book by Richard Bach called “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” is a modern cultural legend that reinforces the essence of freedom “the seagull” is known. The story about a seagull that is disappointed in the common path in life. He seeks to break the shackles of convention. He flies higher and higher to be free from everyday life. When the seagulls rise into our consciousness, it could be a sign to get out of the same, boring routing. It would be time to fly, show the world our potential, and dare to be free from what the world expects of us.

Möwe mit Banderole am Brust

I hope these observations about the symbolic meaning of the seagulls aid you in exploring and about the bird entering your life. I have put examples of seagulls pictures for you below where you can choose the right one for you. Have fun.

Comic Möwe am Oberschenkel

Möwe am Bauch

Möwe am Unterarm Innerseite

Comic Möwe auf der Bein

Kleine Möwe am Schulterblatt

Comic Möwe am Unterarm

Comic Möwe am fuß

Kleine Vogel am Oberarm

Bunte Möwe am Rippenbogen für Frauen

Möwe am Oberarm

2 Möwen am Handgelenk

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