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15 Pretty Neck Tattoos for Women

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15 Pretty Neck Tattoos for Women

If you are a tattoo lover it is very pretty for you to have a pretty neck tattoo. When it’s summer, neck tattoos are easy to show off and if you have a tattoo on your neck it could be cool. Today we offer you some pretty neck tattoo designs to try out.

It seems that neck tattoos are small and not fancy. Whether quote tattoos or simple line tattoos, they can be your neck tattoo designs.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at the post and choose what you want here. Hope you dye an ultra-pretty neck tattoo for next season.

Pretty Neck Tattoos for Women

Simple heart tattoo
Simple heart tattoo over
Flower tattoo
Flowers tattoo over
Neck tattoo
Neck tattoo over
Black tattoo on the neck
Black tattoo on neck across
Simple cat neck tattoo
Simple cat neck tattoo over
Quotes on the subject of throat
Quotes over throat
Stylish neck tattoo
Stylish neck tattoo over
Feather tattoo on the neck
Feather tattoo on neck across
Flower neck tattoo
Flower neck tattoo over
Bird neck tattoo
Bird neck tattoo over
Pretty tattoo
Pretty tattoo over
Ying yang tattoo
Ying Yang Tattoo over
Star tattoo
Star tattoo over
Boho tattoo design
Boho tattoo design over
Eye tattoo design
Eye tattoo design over

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