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15+ gorgeous swan tattoos and their meanings

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The swan is more than just a bird, it is an intrinsic being of balance and harmony. It is also a symbol of transformation through enlightenment. In the classic fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling is transformed into a being of perfection. A swan after learning to embrace nature. The Celtic tradition is rich in stories of kings and beautiful virgins transforming them into swans, who either as a reward for their long suffering or as a curse from evil, greedy enemies.

Schwan mit Blumen am Rücken für Frauen

Swans have divine connections. The Celtic goddess Brigid, known for her beauty and eloquence, has often been depicted with a swan nearby as the sacred bird of Apollo, the Mute Swan is rumored to only sing its memorable, enchanting song to people who have earned the right to it Listen. According to legend, the Swan Song is the most beautiful song that a mortal being will ever hear and is only sung to the person on his death bed.

Schwan Schwarz auf Hand

The swan is associated with purity and chastity. According to legend, two swans drank from the holy well which is known for the purest water. The water had the ability to transform when one drinks of this water becomes pure and gasp and is purged of all his sins. As such, all of the descendants of these magical creatures were automatically cleansed from sins. This concept is the same in Hinduism as well. Swans are representatives of holy men, people who are capable of living in the world and not made up. The swan is the symbol of the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, purity. Many religious figures in Christianity are also associated with these pious birds.

Schwan Schwarz mit Blume am Oberarm

Swans are also the emblems of loyalty, love and family. These animals are known for their loyalty once they bond tightly, separation is very rare. There are numerous stories of swans who have a preference for objects and people and never leave this love and are always by the side no matter what. St. Hugh von Lincoln can attest to this, as can a tattered swan-shaped boat that now rests on a lake in Munster, Germany. Swans are loving parents.

Schwan Schwarz am Unterschenkel

All over the world, the swan is much more than just a water bird; it is a symbol of inner strength, exquisite beauty and purity.

The individual meanings of the swan tattoos

Do you see yourself as a tender swan?

A swan is a creature from marvel. They embody a number of qualities, including:

  • Elegance and grace
  • Sophistication
  • Beauty
  • Purity and Chastity
  • Balance
  • love
  • emotions
  • Enlightenment and Transformation
  • family
  • Loyalty

Schwan mit Krone am Oberarm

Who loves exotic beauties should prefer a swan tattoo to represent the sensual and delicate character of your person. Swan tattoos can represent a variety of elements, but most designs focus on the beauty of the animals and the message that your picture is sending. Creating a unique design can be a difficult task, but luckily there are plenty of professional tattoo artists out there who can help you with this. Don’t forget to take a look at the beautiful photo examples below.

Schwan mit Dolch am Unterschenkel

Schwan mit Totenkopf am Rippenbogen

Schwan auf dem Arm

Schwan am Rippenbogen für Frauen

Schwan mit Schmuck am Oberschenkel für Frauen

Schwan mit Schmuck am Oberarm für Frauen

Schwan mit Rose Realistische auf dem Arm

Schwan Schwarz am Unterschenkel

Zwei Schwan am fuß für Frauen

Schwan am Oberarm für Frauen

Aquarell Schwan am Oberschenkel

Schwan am Handgelenk

Tribal Schwan auf der Bein

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