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15+ gorgeous henna tattoos for women

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Henna tattoos

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get a tattoo, but not yourselfwanted to commit to going under the needle – or you love the look of traditional Indian wedding tattoos – then a henna tattoo is for you.Made with a plant-based ink or paste, henna tattoos are completely painless and naturally fade over time.Henna comes in shades of red, orange, brown, or blue-black and looks stunning on a variety of skin tones.Read on to discover the most beautiful henna tattoo designs that are popular right now.

1.Henna tattoo on the leg

Leg tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with women.Because they are captivating, sexy and feminine.You can show them off when you wear a dress or shorts.If you’re toying with the idea of ​​getting a permanent leg tattoo, test the design with henna first.

Henna-Tattoo an den Beinen

2.White Henna Tattoo

For those with a deep complexion – or those who want a flashy twist on traditional henna – a white henna tattoo is ideal.White henna does not contain any components of the henna plant and does not white, discolor or discolor the skin.Instead, a mixture of surgical adhesive and skin-friendly body paint is applied.It has the same texture as real henna and can be used in exactly the same way, but it doesn’t last long: it can be washed off in three to ten days.

Weißes Henna-Tattoo

3.Henna tattoo with meaning

One of the most important henna tattoos is the bride mehndi in Indian culture.When inked on the palms of the hands, henna tattoos enable the wearer to receive blessings.Swan tattoos represent success and beauty, while the lotus flower is a sacred Hindu symbol.It is connected to the gods Vishnu and Brahma and symbolizes eternity, divine purity.

Henna-Tattoo mit Bedeutung

4.Henna Flower Tattoo

Traditionally, flowers represent happiness and joy, while vines and leaves symbolize devotion, which makes these herbal designs for bridal henna tattoos very popular.The flowers look feminine and beautiful and are even more effective when combined with other natural symbols such as birds, butterflies and dragonflies.


5.Black Henna Tattoo

If you want your henna tattoo to look darker than the usual red, orange, or brown, opt for Jagua-based ink.Jagua is made from the juice of a South American fruit, and jagua tattoos are traditional in some Caribbean and Indigenous American cultures.Some black henna products are made with a toxic dye called p-paraphenylenediamine (PPD).This ingredient is not safe for the skin and can cause serious illness and scars.

Schwarzes Henna-Tattoo

6.Small henna tattoo

Small henna tattoos are quicker to apply and are ideal if you want to try henna for the first time.They’re also a great option for a coordinating group tattoo.Like regular tattoos, simple henna designs look best when they are smaller.These tattoos look best when placed on the hands, fingers, or the inner wrist.Try a tattoo inspired by nature or geometric patterns and shapes.

Kleines Henna-Tattoo

7.Sun Henna Tattoo

The sun – and the moon and stars – is another traditional henna tattoo design.It represents an infinite love like heaven.Many people choose henna ink for a tribal style sun tattoo.However, the final look can be as simple or complicated as you wish.It’s also stunning when paired with a matching moon tattoo.

Henna-Tattoo in der Sonne

8.Henna Finger Tattoos

Henna looks great when applied to fingers as the color stands out on many skin tones.Popular designs include drops, dots, and leaves, as well as the color dip-dye look.Just like other hand tattoos, henna finger tattoos are fully visible at all times.For this reason, it is important to choose an experienced henna artist to apply these tattoos.


9.From a compact bracelet style design to plants and flowers, your henna wrist tattoo will stand out.One henna wrist tattoo that is trending right now is a mandala lotus.Combine the sacred Hindu symbols of eternity, divinity and purity to create a beautiful final look.

Henna-Tattoo am Handgelenk

10.Henna Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo is a single design or collection of tattoos that extend from the shoulder to the wrist.If you want to test the look of a full sleeve with no obligation, try a henna sleeve tattoo.The temporary nature of the design allows you to experiment with different designs and decide whether the bold and eye-catching look of a case is right for you.

Henna-Tattoo am Ärmel

11.Henna Tattoo on Shoulder

The shoulder is an ideal placement for a traditional style henna tattoo.Often times, these designs include the circular mandala symbol.The mandala represents the universe and divine harmony.Since it radiates outwards, the design adapts perfectly to the curves of the shoulder.

Henna-Tattoo auf der Schulter

12.Forearm Henna Tattoo

To show off your henna tattoo, have it drawn on your forearm.You can see your tattoo anytime or just cover it with a t-shirt.It’s ideal placement for long, sinuous designs like leaves and tendrils that are traditional in Arabic henna body art.Alternatively, you can try out geometric shapes such as lines and grids or a written message.

Henna-Tattoo am Unterarm

13.Henna Tattoo on Thigh

The thigh is a trendy tattoo placement for women.Not only is it a sexy area for your body art, but it also gives you plenty of room for a larger, more complex design.Your henna artist can also make the most of their skills, with no space restrictions.Perfect for the warmer months, a henna tattoo on the thigh will take your bikini or beach outfit to the next level.

Henna-Tattoo am Oberschenkel

14.They’re completely painless, while regular ankle tattoos are some of the most painful.Henna ankle tattoos often resemble anklets and foot ornaments.They have a beautiful feminine look and go well with heels or sandals.


15.Henna tattoos on the feet

Henna tattoos on the feet are very traditional in Hindu culture.This is because the feet are the part of the body that is in contact with the earth.The tattoos on this body part represent our connection with nature.Popular designs are peacocks, paisley, and mandalas.However, you can choose something less traditional when wearing henna as a fashion statement.


16.Henna Tattoo Eyebrows

You can use henna to dye the eyebrow hairs and create a temporary tattoo.Many women try this method before getting into microblading.Since it colors the skin and hair, the henna eyebrow tattoo can create a different shape of the eyebrows and give you a thicker and fuller look.It also contains additional pigments so that your brows don’t appear red or orange.

Henna-Tattoo auf den Augenbrauen

17.Cute Henna Tattoos

As mentioned earlier, henna tattoos don’t have to be traditional to be eye-catching.You can choose any design you want, just like you would with a regular tattoo.For those who are young at heart and have a playful personality, animals, cartoon characters, and food are popular cute tattoo options.

Süße Henna-Tattoos

18.Simple Henna Tattoo

Traditional henna tattoos from India are complicated and complex and take hours to apply.However, henna ink can also be used for simple tattoos.In North Africa, shapes like squares are often included in designs.The only limit is your imagination.Whether you want geometric shapes, a symbol, minimalist art, a quote or a number, a henna tattoo will give you the result you want.

Einfache Kopie des Henna-Tattoos

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