15 Best Medusa tattoo ideas and Meanings

Tattoos have turned into a body craftsmanship and a style. People love to enhance their bodies with excellent designs, images, and representations. Every tattoo design and quote passes on a more profound meaning and message. Some tattoos can assist an individual with mirroring their convictions and opinions.

Medusa Tattoo on shoulder for women

But you will ask yourself how? Now that each tattoo has a particular meaning and translation, for example, Medusa tattoos, the proprietor of a specific tattoo may have a more profound association with it. The individual wearing the tattoo will feel more certain and serene as it will help them express what they trust in for sure they need to say.

colorful Medusa Tattoo for men

Initially, tattoos were famous with crooks and insubordinate individuals, so individuals saw tattoos as a terrible sign. However, throughout the long term that idea has changed totally. Now individuals know and comprehend that a tattoo is a work of art.

Black Medusa Tattoo for men on chest

If you are keen on Greek folklore, you probably knew about Medusa. She is one of the fundamental characters in Greek legends and many individuals get Medusa tattoos and images on their bodies.

What does the Medusa tattoo mean?

Some individuals know who Medusa was. However, assuming you’ve never perused Greek folklore or haven’t seen this person in a book, film, or game, here’s a short prologue to her persona.

Medusa Tattoo on stomach for men

The Myth

In Greek folklore, Medusa was a Gorgon, which in old folklore is a huge animal. According to fantasy, she was the most lovely lady in Athens with long, sparkling hair. Medusa committed her childhood to the goddess of insight Athena. The goddess had a contention with Poseidon, divine force of the sea.

Medusa Tattoo on belly for women

The battle between the two divine beings annihilated many lives, including that of Medusa. In request to embarrass Athena, Poseidon erroneously asserted that Medusa was his accomplice. The jealous and antagonistic Athena reviled Medusa and rebuffed her by turning her hair into toxic snakes.

Realistic Medusa Tattoo on neck for men

Medusa’s face had an insidious, massive demeanor. Anyone who at any point looked at her without flinching would experience a coldblooded discipline and go to stone. Years later, a mythical being decapitated Perseus Medusa. She is a solid character and a motivation for different expressions. It is likewise an insignia of the Sicilian banner and is utilized as an image in the escutcheon of the Czech town of Dohalice.


Now we should discover what the Medusa tattoo implies and addresses. Remember that a few tattoos may mean various things to the wearer. However, here are a portion of the genuine implications behind this tattoo.

Medusa Tattoo on thai for men


Since Medusa’s face had become tremendous, it isn’t is to be expected that the tattoo portrays evil. In this case, both men and women can utilize this image to address shrewd, not as a part of their character, but rather to make mindfulness that abhorrent exists. It empowers the wearer to acknowledge this reality and continue on and defeat it.

evil Medusa Tattoo for women on leg


Since Medusa is a person from Greek folklore, enchantment accommodates her meaning perfectly.Remember, Athena utilized her heavenly supernatural powers to rebuff Medusa.

Medusa Tattoo on chest for men

Feminine Power

Medusa was a solid character and a lady that individuals dreaded. Hence, this tattoo is most ordinarily used to address the force of women. She dedicated her life to Athena and later disconnected herself on an island, however she didn’t lose help. This tattoo gives women trust and certainty to carry on with their lives by their rules.

Feminine power Medusa Tattoo on leg

The Common Myth Behind Medusa Symbols

There are numerous implications and fantasies in regards to this person. Many individuals trust that Medusa just represented scorn, women’s liberation, and female resentment. However, this isn’t completely obvious; She likewise had some incredible characteristics that individuals can learn from.

Beautiful Medusa Tattoo on shoulder

This image isn’t just there for the way that women rule, yet additionally that women have similar freedoms as men. This is a hypothesis that individuals don’t ordinarily find in this person and that is the reason the tattoo appears to be excessively rough to numerous people.

Other Meanings

The over three implications are the most well known and normal reasons individuals get this tattoo. Here is a rundown of some different implications that this tattoo could depict perfectly.

  • Strong
  • Jealousy and Envy
  • The snakes on the head address a characteristic pattern of life, resurrection and death.
  • Freedom (some accept it has Wings, which upholds this meaning)
  • Transformation

Placement of the tattoo

Some tattoos look best in specific spots or spaces of the body. The same goes for the Medusa tattoo as the arm, back, and thighs are the best situations for the tattoo. These regions offer more inclusion as the tattoo will possibly look great when it’s greater. Hence, assuming adequate room is given to the tattoo, the tattoo craftsman can be inventive with the design by adding more surface and color.

Medusa Tattoo on body


There are various implications behind the Medusa tattoo. If you are considering getting one, make certain to visit an expert tattoo craftsman who is knowledgeable about this tattoo. Remember that this tattoo requires accuracy and a talented tattoo craftsman can make it more attractive.

simple Medusa Tattoo on leg for men

Remember that the meaning of the Medusa tattoo relies upon the wearer. Whatever you put stock in, the tattoo will depict that definite picture. This is the reason you want to let your tattoo craftsman realize what sort of message you need to pass on so they can think of a tattoo that impeccably suits your idea.

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