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10 Feminine Tattoo ideas

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Attributes often associated with feminine tattoo include fluidity and delicate lines. However, a lot depends on the preferences of the tattooed person. What can make a person think of feminine and graceful traits can be completely the opposite of what another person would want for their tattoo.

Tattoos are very personal. It’s about what represents your expression of femininity.

What is considered feminine in the tattoo world also has to do with placement – tattoo placements such as the wrist, chest or underbust, ankle, hip, and thigh can be viewed as “feminine” or sensual places to tattoo.

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Moon tattoos

While the sun is considered a masculine symbol, the moon is often associated with the feminine.

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Selene, along with the archer goddess Artemis, has an association with another goddess, Hecate, and together they represent the triple goddess and the phases of the moon.

The symbol consists of a waxing moon (virgin), full moon (mother) and waning moon (queen) and shows the endless cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. This symbol is meaningful in some pagan and wicca sects and represents femininity.

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When it comes to moon tattoos, there are many options. From the duality of the sun and moon, which are shown together, a solitary sickle moon as a small wrist tattoo, to the triple goddess of agnosticism.

Butterfly Tattoos

This colorful, whimsical insect is one of the most popular options for tattoos for many good reasons.

Not only are butterflies beautiful with their delicate, colorful wings and can be placed almost anywhere (they can be incorporated into a large tattoo design or make for great mini tattoos), but they also have incredible symbolism behind those flapping wings.

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Butterflies are not born with their wings on – they start out as caterpillars and then go through a phase of transformation to become the fluttering creatures that many cultures attach deep meaning to.

As such, a butterfly tattoo can mean emerging from a transformative experience in your life and coming back stronger.

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From a small and simple outline of a butterfly to a delicate but intricate 3D tattoo that looks like the butterfly is flying away, there is a lot to be inspired when it comes to butterfly tattoos.

Floral spine tattoos

Flowering vines running down the back are definitely an incredible choice when it comes to feminine floral tattoos, but spine tattoos are certainly no picnic.

Because of the large bones and nerves in this area and the thin skin covering them, it can be painful to repeatedly prick a needle along this route.

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However, if you love the idea of ​​a spine tattoo then you don’t need to let the pain stop you – plus everyone is different when it comes to pain tolerance.

A popular choice for flower tattoos that look amazing when run down the spine is cherry blossoms.

These flowers are pale pink and only bloom about two weeks a year.

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Another popular choice for a flower tattoo is a rose.

Rose Tattoos

Like the butterfly in the world of insect tattoos, roses are among the most popular flower tattoos.

And like butterflies, roses are amazing choices for a tattoo not only because of their beauty, but also because of the meaning attached to them – which has a lot to do with color.

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Blue roses represent rarity and the unattainable, and yellow roses represent joy and friendship.

A rose tattoo can be minimalist with just the outlines or more intricate with deep hues and delicate details. One place that would work for both designs is the sternum.

Tattoos for sternum and underbust

Tattoos that grace the chest and underbust can follow the curves of the breasts and make for an eye-catching tattoo design.

Wings that start at the sternum and run under each chest, delicate floral patterns, or a simple symbol on the sternum, there is a lot you can do with this placement for your tattoo

However, due to the pronounced bones in this area, tattooing can be challenging.

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This tattoo placement is a great choice for people who don’t want to flaunt their tattoo. A simple t-shirt or shirt and your discerning family or work colleague won’t be the smarter.

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