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10+ beautiful butterfly tattoo designs

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Butterfly Tattoo Designs

From delicate wafer-thin species to bold and colorful designs, the papillon is one of the most beautiful animals on the planet.These creatures are unique just like you.So why not immortalize them by coloring one on your body? There are a plethora of meanings behind this stunning concept and it looks impressive in any art form. You’ve earned these wings – wear them with pride! If you canPlanning your first piece or want to expand a collection, these beautiful butterfly tattoo designs will provide some inspiration.

1.Small Butterfly Tattoo

For your first tattoo or to add to a sleeve, a small tattoo is the perfect piece of ink. These delicate choices are subtle and dainty so you can use themanywhere. For those who want to hide it easily, opt for your ankle or wrist. This is the perfect option for anyone who loves sleek and dainty designs.

Small Butterfly

2. Tiny Butterfly Tattoo

Teeny Tiny Tattoos are one of the hottest designs right now. These are cute and subtle and you can do them anywhere on your body. From the auricle to the forearm, there are so many options to choose from.

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo

3. Simple Butterfly

A simple and clean design can stand the test of time and its meaning resonates with everyone. It represents freedom and beauty, so why not create a style that represents its meaning? Leave the wings emptyand let the black ink do the talking. It can be big or small and delicate – the choice is yours.

Simple Butterfly

4.Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly is the ultimate symbol of beauty and royalty. This classic design is timeless and will earn you plenty of compliments. Choose from onetraditional style with the gold wings or add a modern twist by replacing one of the sides with a bouquet of flowers. When choosing an artist, make sure they are experienced with detailed artwork – every detail counts with this piece.

Monarch Butterfly

5.These are stylish and timeless pieces of ink thatLast a lifetime. The pigment with this shade usually lasts longer than others so you can make sure the stunning shade will last with you for a lifetime. Go for a single insect or multiple – there are so many options to choose from,that you can speak to!

Blue Butterfly

6. Butterfly and Rose Tattoo

The combination of rose and butterfly stands for passion, love and transformation. This is a classic and timeless design that can be enjoyed by both feminine as well as breathtaking, in Greek the word for butterfly is psyche, which is also the name of the goddess of love.So make sure you moisturize the area.

Black And White Butterfly Tattoo

7.Butterfly WristTattoo

The inside of the wrist is a unique place for a tattoo – it’s around you all day and serves as the perfect canvas for your next ink. Choose from a design that’s small enoughto hide it or opt for something that wraps around your skin, this area is one of the most painful places for your next piece as it has a lot of nerves that sit close to the surface and are quite softBefore you commit to it, you can do it, but it’s incredibly worth it!

Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

8.Butterfly Back Tattoo

Let this ink follow and protect you – the back design is a popular choice that will look gorgeous on anyone. Make itsmall and delicate on the nape of the neck or halfway up the spine – let the butterfly’s wings help you fly. To complete it, add additional symbols to the tattoo, these can be red roses representing passion or a white oneFlower representing purity. This spot is one of the most painful areas on the body, so it could be the perfect option for your first piece.

Butterfly Back Tattoo

9.Shoulder Tattoo

These delicate butterfly shoulder tattoos will make you feel like you are walking through a sanctuary. For this placement there isno rules.So you can experiment with different styles to find one that suits you. Be sure to find a reputable artist as this area is easy to spot on the body. It is also imperative to take good care of this ink as it will helpSun exposure fades faster.

Shoulder Tattoo

10.Butterfly Tattoo on Arm

As one of the largest canvas areas on the body, your arm is the perfect place for your next ink. From full sleeve to one-off, there is the ideal design that suits you.The forearm has been a popular spot lately, and you can work these butterflies into your wrist and wrap them over your skin. Use your imagination with this placement or just hold it with a bold black outline.

Butterfly Tattoo On The Arm

11. Although it is one of the sThe most painful areas to ink, it’s also one of the most sensitive. This area is pretty close to the bone and the skin is thinner so it feels a bit sharp at times. The nice thing about this placement is that it’s easy to hide on formal occasions- it’s a little secret that is important to the wearer.

Ankle Tattoo

12.Neck Butterfly Tattoo

This placement is becoming increasingly popular with the next generation of tattoo lovers. It represents bravery, but it’s also an excellent idea for those who love risk and are brave. As thisis an area that is not easy to hide, think seriously about the location before doing it, this is also one of the more painful areas on the body but the overall result is just stunning, opt for small and delicate insects,that flutter on your skin – addAdd soft colors or black outlines. It’s one of the most stylish choices for those who want to prove their strength.

Neck Butterfly Tattoo

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